Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One More Day!!

I have 1 more day of radiation treatment for my cancer and I am done.  So we will start the month of Sept off more daily trips to the radiation center.  Hopefully, I will have more energy and will get back into this blog and doing more craft and decorating projects around the house and cottage.  I really missed blogging but I just did not have the energy for it.  I reserved all my energy for the day to day things I had to do!!

A couple of weeks ago we went up to our cottage to check on things since we had not been there in a while.  To my surprise one of the hydrangea plants was in bloom.  I had my hubby snap a pic with his phone.

The phone takes terrible pics ( yipes) but what I really wanted to show was the color.  They are such a deep pink they don't look real!!!  They are called "Color Fantasy" and are a small type of hydrangea- only growing about 3 feet tall.

Well maybe next year I can take some proper pics!!!