Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Not so Shabby" Booth

As many of you know I have a booth in downtown Zeeland at a store called " Not so Shabby"  I have been there since September and I have had a ton of fun finding things for my booth and making things for it too.  The store recently moved to a much larger location- we tripled the size- and I now have more room for displaying my items for sale.

Here is moving day Jan 3, 2011......note my stuff is all in totes and I have my coat on someone elses table.... oops!!!!!!

After I unpacked all the totes, and staged my space it looked like this.....

Each one of us has to name our "shoppe" and mine is called "Details"- fun things for you and your home.  I make purses, pillows, fabric flowers, recycled wool mittens, paper covered barn stars, and I sell a few small antique items as well.  I have since added many more things to the booth , a few which you can see here.....

I added a chalk board made from a recycled 1980's goose picture, a finial that was gold and is now repainted heirloom white, a "thrifted" locker basket  with decorative balls, and a fun upcycled "travel" frame from Hobby Lobby.

The best part about the whole "Not so Shabby" store is that they have some real fun items and they are very reasonably priced!!!!

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  1. Kari,

    I love how cute your shelf looks unpacked -- I need one just like it!

    P.S. - I couldn't find your email on your profile or blog to respond to your comment, but I'd LOVE to feature your red burlap heart wreath on THRIVE! Please send pics ... sounds so pretty.