Monday, January 24, 2011

A winter scarf project

Last week while browsing thru my local thrift store, I  noticed they had a rack of t-shirts that they obviously were trying to get rid of since they had them on sale for 10 cents each!!!!!!  I had seen in a local store a scarf that was made out of old-shirts and I thought "how cool!!"  Not for me I am too old for that sort of thing( my husband informed me of this) but what about for one of my nieces or another "cool" younger person.

So I picked up 4 of them (only three are pictured.  the other one hit the cutting floor before I realized I had not taken a pic!)  And 40 cents later..........I took them home.

So I stayed up until 1am cutting and sewing until I had a scarf  that looked like this.......
What I did was cut a rectangle that was 12" wide- you could cut them narrower if you would like a thinner scarf- and various lengths long depending on the size of the t- shirt.  I cut two pieces out of each t-shirt that were the exact same size. I then proceeded to make two scarf pieces using one piece of each t-shirt.  I then sewed them together, right sides together, leaving an opening for turning.  I turned it right side out and then top stitched all around the perimeter and in the process sewing the opening for turning closed.........Voila.....a cool new scarf for a young person!!!!!


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