Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burlap Flower Pins

I totally adore flowers!!!!!  Any kind, real, silk, dried, floral fabric. Flowers make me smile!!  I am always drawn to floral fabrics and I love flower pins.  I have made the burnt edge flowers in multiple colors, I have made colorful hand sewn flowers, I have made bracelets with flowers on them BUT my favorite flowers are these flower pins I made of burlap.

I made these from scrap pieces of burlap that a friend gave to me. I cut circles, then cut them in half and then folded the half circles in half and using my sewing machine sewed the half circles on the straight edge.  I then turned them right side out and hand sewed a running stitch on the open end. With the same thread I continued sewing on each petal. I then pulled the thread tight to give it the round flower shape.  I added another layer of petals on top of the first for dimension. The two layers were hot glued together.  On the smaller one I hot glued a black button from my stash and some ribbon scraps.  On the larger one I hot glued a suede covered button and scraps of twine.  I attached a pin to the back. ( you could also attach a clip) which I sewed on to a felt circle.  I glued the felt circle to the back of the flower.

I sewed on the pin back but you could use hot glue.  I made the flowers two different sizes ( by making different size circles)  and will wear either depending on my mood!!

These are fun to make but can be messy.  Fray check is a must when working with the raw edges!!

I like to pin these on a jean jacket.  They would also look good on a headband, a sweater, a purse or a coat!!!


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  1. I've made some flowers like these and they are addictive to make! I love the burlap version and the addition of the twine.