Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mom' s Assistants

Hello everyone we would like to introduce ourselves.  We are Muffin and Crumpet, and we consider ourselves to be mom's assistants and co-bloggers!!

I am Crumpet, the oldest and more distinguished of the two.  I am a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier.  I was born on Sept 17, 2000.  Mom and Dad got me at Christmas time and I came to live with them when they still operated the bed and breakfast.  Boy was I a handful.  I loved all the guests we had and I would try to sneak in their rooms just so they would play with me and I could kiss them.  I do remember taking the people out of the Christmas village that they had set up under the tree and putting them in my bed. 

About 2 years ago I had a very bad heart attack while I was in the vets office.  No one thought I would make it.  But I am a strong girl and I showed them!!  I do take 3 different medications twice a day to keep my heart from going out of rhythm.  This makes my hair coat really thin but I think I still look pretty.  So here I am in my younger years.......

And here I am as a heart patient senior.......

 Hi, my name is Muffin. I am also a Yorkshire Terrier girl and was born on Sept 27, 2008. So you see I am still a puppy. I love my big sister Crumpet, in fact I kiss her about 100 times a day. I am a little shy of people, as I was not brought up in the bed and breakfast so I do not know what that is all about. I am a super smart girl and learn tricks really fast. I LOVE to go on walks and I love it outside. Let me show you what I look like. Here are some baby photos.......

Here I am more grown up........

Crumpet says I have to show some of us together..........

I am just a baby here!!

Aren't we cute........but we really don't like mom chasing us around with the camera!!

Maybe we can help mom blog again real soon!!

Crumpet and Muffin (Kari too!)


  1. Those are soommmeeee cute doggies, umm assistants, there! We only have cats here.

  2. Cute pups! I know what you mean about assistants--my dogs follow me everywhere. Wanted to let you know you're featured on my Share the Love Wednesday link party this week!

  3. They certainly are cuties! I'm sure you have a great time with them.

  4. Awww...so many smiles I am getting today. What cutie pies..I can tell they are both smart, I think they are saying, yeah look at me, I'm the cute ones! Thanks for sharing with Lucy and the gang!

  5. Sooooooooooo Cute!! I had a yorkie her name was Maggie, she was only 5pds but boy was she a little spit fire!! Martina

  6. LOL - they are adorable. I love that the bone is as big as they are.

  7. You have two really cute assistants!

  8. hi there its Beatrice here so nice to meet you so glad things turned out for you Crumpet what a life and little Muffin your so cute to i do understand your shyness iam that way to but once i get to know you i give lots of kisses hope to see you at the next party this is so much fun:)

  9. Your doggies are so cute!


  10. Hi Kari- So glad that Crumpet is okay- I never heard of such a thing! He does look wiser for the experience :) I'm visiting from Debbie's party and I'm your newest follower! Please stop over- I'm having a pet portrait give away!