Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My First Subway Sign

A couple of weeks ago I decided to create  or try and create a subway sign about my hometown.  I have read so many different methods about how to do this.  I decided to use my cricut and the reverse stencil method.

First, I purchased a scrap piece of lumber at the Habitat Restore.  (I love to get recycled lumber there) Then I went to Target and purchased some clear contact paper.  I then primed the board with Kilz and painted the front side only with  buttermilk Delta Ceramcoat paint, 2 coats.  While this was drying I figured out what words I wanted to use and what fonts and sizes.  I then cut them out with the cricut on cheap paper and layed them out on my board.  I did note the font and size of each word on a scrap piece of paper so I would know how to cut them out on the contact paper.  After tweeking a bit and getting the layout just right, I cut them out on the contact paper.

This step was the most labor intensive.......I peeled the backs off each letter and then stuck them to the board making sure the spacing was correct and straight.  I triple checked to make sure all the letters were all stuck down tight as I wanted no paint to bleed under the letters.  I them painted over the whole board with blue velvet craft paint, 3 coats.  I let that dry for 24 hours and then carefully pulled off each contact paper letter.  I touched up a few but I love the end result!!!!!

Not so bad for the first try!!!!!  I put this up for sale in my booth at "Not so Shabby"
Now I need to do one for me!!!!!!!!


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  1. Great job! thanks so much for the instructions, I have a Cricut and some contact paper, put I haven't done this form of reverse stencil yet ... I think I just might now!


  2. It looks fantastic! Thanks for joining WUW.

  3. Wow...I was just thinking about trying some subway art with my cricut machine today! That is so weird!! Anyway, yours turned out just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great job! I do the reverse stenciling with my Cricut and contact paper too and I love the way it turns out! Thanks for your nice post on my blog earlier this evening!